Beta Readers
We're looking for dedicated beta readers, readers who enjoy having a sneak peek at fanfics, who enjoy helping those less grammatically-gifted, and who enjoy picking out the faults of others. (Well, c'mon. What do you think it's really about?)

If you're interested, please send your name, preferences for fanfics (if you have any) to and we'll get you set up right away. Hopefully, in the future, we're looking to set up a section (probably called something like "Biku's Betas", cause, y'know) specifically for beta reading, plot help, etc. Along that line, we'd like to get a panel of reasonably dedicated readers. But if you're just interested in killing some time before exams, that's cool too.

Biku is also recruiting an artly individual to pencil an online comic book/manga that she's writing. The comic is to a funny/dark urban fantasy that pokes fun at, well, everything. She's also looking for inkers/letterers, but is willing to do that herself (as long as someone else draws the pictures.)

If you're interested, please email her at, yep,

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