Stories/MSTings/Poetry Guidelines
  • Please send in either WordPad or TXT/HTML format
  • Only finished material
  • And please proof-read/edit before sending

Beta Reading
If your story/MSTings/poem is unfinished but you'd like some feedback on improvements, plot advice, etc. then you can send it in (WordPad or TXT/HTML only) and we'll take a look at it and offer any advice or feedback that comes to mind. (We being mostly Biku, but occasionally Johinsa or Bento as schedules allow.)

Artwork Guidelines
  • JPEG or GIF format only
  • If over 1MB, please send as a ZIP file
  • Please add a caption or a description

In General
Please let me know the name you would like to be published under; whether you would like your email address displayed (and if so, which one); and if you have a webpage that you would like to exchange links to. We love exchanging links.

Submissions, comments and critiques are to be sent to:

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