Saf&Dy Productions Presents:

"The Bond Of Sisterhood Part Two" by Danielle Gastineau, MSTed by Saf&Dy, DUH.

We apologise for the incoherentness of this fanfic.  We really
should have read Part One, but oh well, let bygones be bygones,
that's our motto.  Along the same lines, don't sue us.

We support free speech on the internet especially as it applies
to our right to say any damn thing we please.

>>Maeve says"I dont think its over" 

Crow: What told you this? Your *spidey* sense?

Tom: It's not over? Damn!

>>The crew look and see a group of men with swords. 

Tom: I didn't see that coming!

Crow: What did they expect? A bunch of cows with daisies?

>>Sinbad says"Rongar, lead Jasmine and Lena to the ship" Rongar
nods and
leaves with the two. 

Tom: [As Lena] Wait a minute! The ship is that way! Don't you
remember where we parked?

>>Sinbad says"I thought you said we could take her" 

Crow: heh heh heh...

Joel: Argh.  Not funny Crow...

>>the man says"I lied" 

Tom: The villian lied? *Gasp!* Say it isn't so!

>>Sinbad took on the man while Maeve and the others took on the
other 3 men. 

Crow: Who's doing what now?

Joel: What other three men?!

>>The fighting last a 20 or so minites 

Crow: actually more like a few seconds, but the writer had to
make it sound longer.

>>when Sinbad says"I may just have to speak to the Omar about

Joel: Yeah! And he'll send you to bed without dinner, so be

>>Now Understand that Lena went freely" The man says"Fine, I
dont want any trouble from Omar" 

Crow: [As The Man] I don't wanna go to my room!

>>Sinbad says"Good I am glad we understand each other" 

Tom: Really? You seem pretty damn incoherent to me!

>>the man tells the other 2 to retreat as Sinbad and the
others head for the ship.

Joel:  Where did the third man go? 

Tom: Find the one armed man!

>>Back on the ship the next day on Topside 

Tom: Does she mean the deck?

Crow: I think she's gardening.

>>Lena is with Jasmine she says"Will you be staying with Mother

Joel: To what? To where?

>>Jasmine says"No i must find our father" 

Crow: Believe your feelings: you know it to be true!

>>Lena  says"Shouldnt I be there to" 

Tom: To what, dammit?

Crow: No! You shouldn't be there! But you can be here, heh heh

Joel: Crow....

>>Jasmine says"I dont belive it was ment to be that

Tom: The author is obviously commenting on her plot.

Crow: You mean it was a Freuded script? Ha! Ha! Ha!

Tom: Argh...

>>Mother wants you home with her, I will visit you when I am
near Basra"

Crow: Heh heh heh...


>>Lena says"Allright" a week later they arrive in Basra 

Tom: Boy that was quick! The hours there just fly by!

Joel: Too bad we can't say that for OUR hours! Reading this

>>Jasmine says"this is were she lives, the door opens and the
goup enters, 

Crow: AHHH! It's the goup that ate Basra!

>>Jasmine greets her Mother and says"I brought Lena as I
promied" Caipra 

Joel: Who? Who?! What?  Where are all these people coming from?

Crow: Perhaps we should have read part one.

Tom: Nah.  Probably wouldn't help with this fanfic.

>>had tears in her eyes as she was reunited with her other
Daughter she says to bothe her children

Crow: Wha.....?

>>"a great many things will happen to the both of you." 

Tom: If you call JoJo's psychic hotline now! 1-900-FIC-BITE!

>>Lena says"Mother, Why must Jasmine be the one to find Father
and I stay here?" 

Joel: Because you know you're stupid and useless!

>>Caipra says"Jasmine is fullfilling great task, as you will
soon have that great task that will come to you very

Crow: Can you please make that less coherent?

Tom: Not possible.  Unless you're Dr. Thinker.

>>you to are very powerfull, I will be showing you how to use
those special abilities you may have noticed you had every once
in a while" 

Crow: Heh he...sorry.  It was too good to pass up!

>>Lena says"I understand" 

Joel:  I'm impressed.

Tom: So this is your special ability, huh?

Crow: And it only comes once in a while....

>>Jasmine says"We can communicate with each other all we want,
I am sure mother will show you how" Sinbad smiles 

Joel: Where did SINBAD come from?

Crow: I know! Firouz invented the transporter!

>>and says"We must be going" Lena says"Good luck my sister,
Bring father home as you are destined to do so"

Crow: So no trying to get out of it!

Tom: [As Jasmine] So what, exactly?

Joel: That's what we're wondering.

>>Jasmine says goodby e to her mother and Lena. 

Crow: And Sinbad who leaves by saying: "Beam me up, Firouz!"

>>The next day on the ship Sinbad, Jasmine, and Maeve are at

Tom: Deck, dammit! It's the DECK!

>>Firouz down below inventing somting,

Joel: Somting: the new miracle product!

Tom: It slices, it dices, it makes microwave pizza!

>>Doubar is at the bow watching the waves go by, 

Crow: 169, 170....

Tom: Doubar doesn't have that many toes!

>>Rongar is doing the same. 

Tom: They still don't have that many toes!

>>Jasmine says"Thanks for helping me with this" Sinbad

Crow: Please? Please?

Joel: Oh, all right.

Crow: Heh heh heh...

>>Maeve smiles in agreement.  

Tom: Maeve is in it too?

Crow:....I wish I hadn't used the last one up.

>>So the Nomad sailed off to were ever the wind would take her.

Joel: But the wind was really cheap and didn't even take her to
the movies first.  The End!

All: HOORAY!!!

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