An Adventure of Super Secret Agent Kim-chan, the woman from S.U.S.H.I.

Today's Episode: "A Recipe For Treachery Pie!"

Location: the Tanakastanian Embassy
Time: 9.43 PM

The party was in full swing. The band was playing, the waiters were waiting, and the guests were mingling. The Tanakastanians were hosting the international shindig to celebrate the launch of their new line of fruit pies: "Tanaka Tarts". With the pies, they hoped to be able to boost their economy and help pull their tiny country from the brink of ruin.

The leader of the diplomatic corps, Mr. Banananana, whose name in Tanakastanese meant "Fearsome Warrior of Light Who Is About To Kick Your Face In", stepped up to the podium. "My friends," he began, as the crowd turned to listen. "My friends, my fellow countrymen, and everybody else, today we usher in a new era of independence for Tanakastan!" He waited politely until the cheering died down enough that he could continue. "Yes, today we begin a new, prosperous Golden Age, and we couldn't have done it without our friends, the good people of the country of--"

"Stop right there!" yelled someone. The crowd turned and stared as a young woman entered the Embassy hall, surrounded by a large group of rather burly police officers. "Men, arrest that, uh, man!"

"What are you doing?" yelled Mr. Banananana, as the police officers ran towards him. "I am Banananana! I am a diplomat! You can't arrest me!"

The woman sneered and held up an empty package of Tanaka Tarts. "I know all about your little scheme, Banananana! You were planning on selling our secrets to the Flebians!" The crowd gasped in horror.

"It's a lie! That's a--it's a--" Banananana stuttered, frantic, as he was surrounded by the police. Something inside him seemed to break. Possibly his grasp of reality. "It's true! I was selling secrets! My country needs the money! More money than your paltry Foreign Aide Money! You don't know what it's like, being so poor! All our schools are at least thirty miles up-hill from each settlement! And our shoes are made of burlap, and--!"

"That's enough, Banananana! Take him away, boys!" the woman yelled, triumphantly.

"You'll never get me!" screamed Banananana. He suddenly whipped something out of his pocket and threw it to the ground, creating a large blinding flash of light, and clouds of smoke. As the smoke cleared, it revealed the empty podium. He was gone.

The woman scowled. "Don't worry, we'll get him, eventually."

Just then, the Chief of Police came flying in. "What's going on? I didn't order this-you! Are you behind this?" he snapped, pointing at the woman.

She flashed a badge. "I'm an Agent with S.U.S.H.I., code-name Kim-chan, Chief. I was here to arrest a trafficker in state secrets!"

Once again, the crowd gasped.

The Chief stared at her badge. "S.U.S.H.I.? S.U.S.H.I. is involved with this? But what on Earth--"

Agent Kim-chan tossed the empty pie carton to him. "Ever read an ingredient list, Chief?"

"Yeah, but I can't make heads or tails of it, it's all a bunch of mumbo jumbo," he replied, staring at the box confusedly.

Agent Kim-chan smirked. "That's exactly what Banananana was counting on," she told him. "Instead of printing the ingredients list of a really kickin' brambleberry pie, he was telling the Flebians how to build nuclear weapons!"

The crowd gasped again, horrified. The Chief stared closer at the box, reading. "Plutonium plums!" he read out loud, incredulous. "Uranium 235 raspberries! This--this is diabolical!"

The agent shrugged. "It's all in a day's work for an agent of S.U.S.H.I."

The Chief looked at her in awe and then down at the empty, harmless looking packaging. "But how on Earth did you ever figure it all out, Agent Kim-chan? Agent Kim-chan...?" When he looked up, the agent was gone. "Those agents! What will they be up to next?"

The End--for now....

Tune in next week when Super Agent Kim-chan goes to do her laundry and discovers that there's a sock conspiracy afoot!