Present Surprise
by Biku

Seven of Nine walked down Voyager's halls, somewhat preoccupied by her work, which was on a PADD in her hand. She therefore didn't notice Ensign Kim as he bumped into her.

"Ouch," he said, as he stumbled. "Sorry, Seven. I've got to watch where I am going."

"I must take partial responsibility--I was not giving the task my full concentration."

Harry smiled. "Was that an apology, Seven? I didn't know you had it in you."

"I was not seeking full responsibility, Ensign." Seven said, her arms behind her back, her face expressionless. "Only partially."

"Apology accepted," Harry grinned, before walking on. Seven frowned, and started on her way again when Harry suddenly grabbed her arm.

"Ensign," she said, not understanding what he was doing.

"Where are you going, Seven?" he asked, his eyes shifting back and forth, watching for other people. Seven understood the gesture as secretive, so she leaned in and whispered,

"I am going to engineering."

"Oh, okay." Harry straightened up, smile back in place. "See you around."

He went on his way, giving her a small wave. She watched him go in confusion. Seven was almost positive that he was going to ask her to partake in a secretive or even illegal activity, but he did neither. Heaving a mental sigh, she continued on her way.

She got to Engineering in a matter of moments. Chief Engineer B'Elanna Torres was there, as usual, supervising things. Seven deposited her PADD on the table, then turned and left.

"Uh, Seven?" Torres suddenly yelled. The former Borg drone turned to look at the half-klingon.

"Yes?" she asked politely, hands folded behind her back.

"Uh, were are you headed?"



"I am going to the Astrometrics lab." Seven responded.

"Oh, okay." Torres turned back to her work. Seven waited a few more moments to see if there was anything else, but the engineer was soon absorbed in something to do with the warp core. Seven shook her head and left.

The Astrometrics lab was deserted, as always. As Seven liked it. The was nothing she disliked more than people fiddling with her stuff. Although she would have hardly thought of it like that. She was deeply engrossed in a study of a nebula a few sectors away when suddenly the picture changed.

Seven stepped back from the console, startled.

"I'm sorry, Seven." The Doctor said cheerfully. "I didn't mean to frighten you."

"I am not frightened. However, a signal from the communicator would have been...more appropriate." Seven replied with a huff.

"Sorry. I just thought that a screen link would be much more personal."

Too personal, Seven thought, but didn't voice.

"Anyway," The Doctor continued blithely, "I need you to come down to the sickbay."

"Sickbay?" Seven asked. She was a bit confused. "My appointment is not for another few days."

"This is a special...appointment." the Doctor replied, looking coy.

"Very well." Seven sighed. "I will go to Sickbay. Seven out." With a quick tap, she disconnected the link. She saved her information that she had gathered, and left.

"Doctor?" Seven called into the empty Sickbay. "Doctor?"

"Right here, Seven," The Doctor called out cheerfully. He had a hypospray in his hand.

"What is that for?" Seven asked, as it hissed against her neck.

"Precautions." The Doctor cheerfully replied. He was beginning to become far too cheerful, in Seven's opinion. She had a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach. She recognised it as "apprehension". "Now, I'd get to the Mess Hall, if I were you."

"Why?" asked Seven, as The Doctor steered her towards to door.

"No reason!" he called out after her. She turned, puzzled, but the doors had already closed. She guessed that the only thing left to do was go to the Mess Hall, and figure out what was going on.

The Mess Hall was dark. The doors whooshed shut behind her, as Seven looked around, confused. Her Borg eye detected heat traces behind the furniture. Suddenly, the lights went on, and half of the crew leapt out from behind chairs, or tables.

"SURPRISE!" they all yelled.

Seven was completely startled. Captain Janeway came up to her, and presented her with a glass of sparkling wine. Seven accepted the glass, all the while staring at the strange, conical that the captain wore. Ensign Paris came up to her, and put another of the strange hats on her head. It was held to her head by a piece of elastic that fit under her chin. She put a hand to her head, ignoring the Captain's and Paris' laughter.

"I do not understand," Seven said, finally.

"Neither do I," answered Commander Tuvok, also wearing a cone hat, and not looking very pleased about it.

"It's your surprise birthday party, Seven!" the Captain said with a grin.

"Birthday party?" Seven asked.

"It's an earth tradition to celebrate the day of your birth every year." Paris filled her in.

"How egocentric." Seven replied. She stared at the pale golden liquid inside the glass. "Do you think I should be drinking this?"

"Remember the last time we gave her alcohol?" Paris asked Harry. Harry went bright red.

"No," he stuttered.

"Sure you do--it was right after we got the spare parts we needed from those traders--B'Elanna was celebrating--you don't remember? I never did find out what happened."

"Nope. Don't remember." Harry said firmly, still red. Paris shrugged. He took a sip of the wine. Cautiously, Seven followed suit.

"I slipped you an Anti-Mickey, as it were," The Doctor said, appearing out of the crowd. "So you can drink it with the rest of us, with out any side-effects. Hmm, Mr. Kim?" He looked over at the ensign, who was staring at the ceiling, not acknowledging The Doctor.

"Do you know what happened?" Paris asked, curiously. "I can't get a word out of Harry."

"Well," The Doctor said, "I don't like to gossip, but--" He led Paris away, talking quietly. Within a few moments, Paris was laughing loudly.

"I have no recollection of this at all." Seven said. Janeway laughed. She took Seven by the arm.

"Don't worry, Seven," she said. "Now, let's go get some cake."

The End