MK Story Notes
*Especially for the new readers*

Okay, first things first: these stories are based on the first movie. Not the game. The MOVIE.

Secondly, we have taken liberties with the characters. Very large liberties. Not in the sense of making them incontinuous with their movie personas; if there's anything we strive for here, it's continuity. But we do expand on the characters. We evolve them. No, not in the pokémon sense. In the literary, character development sense. What that means is that you might be a little confused at first. But if that's not enough to confuse you, then we have more! Cue maniacal laughter!

Okay, stop the maniacal laughter. That's enough of that. Now, on top of expanding the characters, we've also added new ones. Lots of new ones. Lots and lots and lots. (It's a little frightening, even to us)

AND we've created a whole new world/culture/society revolving around the gods (Rayden and Co.)

Basically, we've taken one movie and made an entire series around it that doesn't exactly resemble the movie any more.

Now, that would normally be a lot to take in, especially for someone who just wants MK fics that involve a lot of fighting and not so much talking/character development. If that's what you're looking for, oops, you'd better get out of here quick, 'cause some of these stories are so deep and emotional that they'll probably give you hives. But if you like that sort of thing, you'll be in heaven, I'm sure. Literate MK fiction! Who'da thunk it?

We have, very hard, tried to make the stories easier to digest, but basically, we failed in that we're still getting emails from people who don't understand what the frick is going on. So we created a *reading list*.

On the stories page, the stories are done in chronological order. But that's not the necessarily the best order to read them in. It might be a little bewildering. Okay, okay, it's a lot bewildering. So this list is for newbies, to help you get settled. If you still can't get in to it, there's the Information Booth to help you, and the Celestial Index, and even, God forbid, Bento-chan to help you out. (But that's a last resort, trust us.)

Recommended Reading Order
(but if you want to read it differently, then go right ahead, it's a free country. Where we are, at least.)

Moral Konflict
Please, please PLEASE start with Moral Konflict. It's the one that explains the most backstory etc. It's also fairly short, in Biku-terms. Now, Moral Konflict is in the section that Biku calls "The Rayden Arc"; it's the longest section there is and basically, the stories are about Rayden. That's not to hard to follow. Start at Moral Konflict, and work your way down, until you hit the break. That break signifies the end of the arc. Once you have finished the Rayden arc, you'll know enough to make it through ANY of our stories, in any order, any which way you do them

Hmm. Actually, we don't think that's a reading order so much as it is instructions. Sorry about the misnomer, folks. We hope you'll forgive us, in time.

And we hope that this was actually helpful. If you're still stuck, even after mailing Bento, then we have no idea what to do, but hopefully it won't come to that. Hopefully, you'll get just as involved with the stories and the characters as we have. Maybe you'll even send us some of your own takes... but that's a little farther down the road. Just lean back, make sure you have a comfy chair, and enjoy.