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The Real Story Behind the Tournament

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Joel: My god but that's a lot of headers.

Tom: But think about it, now we can hunt them down and find out
where they live.

Joel: Why do I get the feeling we'll be wanting to do that?


Crow: Don't you think you've over-stayed your welcome?

*I've got another fanfiction saga to donate.

Joel: I'm sorry, but there will be no more donations after this

*"The true story Behind The Tournament"

Crow: On the next Sally Jesse, live!

Tom: Ancient Monks And The Four-Armed Creatures Who Love Them!


Joel: Columbus sailed the ocean blue...

Crow: That doesn't rhyme.

Joel: Columbus sailed...on the bright blue sea! HA!

Crow: Got me there.

*The shaolin Champion

Tom: Shouldn't "Shaolin" be in capitals, not champion?

Crow: Shouldn't we be somewhere else?  I'm thinking Tahiti.

*Kung lao was training for the Next Mortal Kombat Tournament.

Tom: He felt it was so important, he needed to capitalise "next".

Crow: He was so excited, he forgot to capitalise his own name....

Joel: Maybe his cApS Lock iS BroKeN and capItaLiSEs tHiNgs THat
hE doEsn't wANt cApITaLiSed.

Crow: And maybe he just can't write for beans.

Joel: That's a distinct possibility.

*He was sure that he

Tom: ...would be crowned Miss America

Crow: ..would get his suit back from the cleaners.

Joel: ...would find his way out of this fanfic before it was too

Tom: Unfortunately, it's too late for us.

*would beat Shang tsung again.

Tom: The last pillow fight was a draw.

Crow: Hey, is this going to turn into a bondage fic, with
medieval monks?

Tom: Talk about fetishes.

*The master called "Lao!"

Joel: [As Master] I told you to call collect!

Tom: Or at least use Sprint, so that Candance Bergen will go
away, her mission completed.

Joel: But her TRUE mission is world domination...

*Kung answered "Yes master?".

Crow: [As Igor] Yes, master? I have the brains, master....

*The master replied "It is Tournament day Tomorow,

Joel: So you'd better shine your shoes and be on your best

*The white lotus society depend on

Tom: Your generous donations! Phone now, to continue to support
this quality MSTing! 

Crow: That could be taken to mean support this quality MSTing by
writing more lame-o fanfics.

Tom: Support MSTings like this one by sending us money!

Crow: Much better.

*you to defeat Tsung"."No problem! I'll whip him all around!"

Crow: I knew it! A bondage fic!

Joel: Crow....

*Rayden appeared to him.

Joel: [As Kung Lao] Whoa, maybe I shouldn't have been sniffing so
much glue!

*he said "Kung lao,Do not be too sure

Tom: ...That there won't be a lot of traffic on the way downtown.

Crow: ...that the "master" is as normal as he seems.

Joel: ...That this fanfic has any redeeming qualities at all,
besides the humour factor.

*for Tsung has powers greater than yours".

Crow: For instance, he knows the secret second verse of "Yankee

Tom: [As Kung Lao] No! I'm DOOMED!

*Lao laughed "What power? The power of a stone?!".

Joel: Why do I get the feeling that was supposed to be funny?

Crow: I thought I got that feeling as well, but it was just

*In the Outworld Shao Kahn yelled "TSUNG!!"

All: ALVIN!!!!!

*Shang replied "Yes master?".

Tom: [As Shang] Yes! I admit it. I HAVE been using your cream

*Kahn said "The tournament is tomorrow

Joel: Just in case you forget, I want you to set your alarm.

*and If you win you will be the most honoured man in the outworld

Crow: [as Kahn] That means you'll be the only guy in the army who
gets to lick my...

Joel: Crow....

Crow: I was going to say "boots".  "Lick my boots".

Joel: [Grumbling]

*Shang tsung asked "Who's that?"."This is Goro,Son of King gorbak

Tom: Thank you for the information, O Disembodied Voice!

*From The Province of Kutan,

Joel: Isn't that in Mongolia?

*He will assist in battle at the moment

Crow: [As Tsung] But, we're not fighting at the moment...

Tom: So he's basically useless.  Like everyone else in this

*you need him,Chant his name and he will appear"

Joel: Or you might get the operator asking you to dial again.

*said The Kahn

Joel: As opposed to a random Kahn.

Tom:'s The Kahn!

*It was tournament Day.

Crow: Finally! The day we've so long awaited!

Tom: Not.

*Tsung had entered and Beaten nearly all his

Tom: ...egg whites, his souffle was almost ready to be put into
the oven...

Crow: [Opens mouth to say something]

Joel: No, Crow, it is not a bondage fic.

Crow: It could be.  If you look at it from a *certain point of

Joel: Yeah right, Obi-wan.

*opponents and Soon it was time for him to fight Kung lao.

Tom: Wasn't he supposed to fight Kung Lao when he first entered?

Joel: You expect continuity? I thought better of you.

Tom: [Hangs head in shame]

*The first round was Fast&Furious,

Crow: So fast, the author forgot how to spell "and".

Tom: We're not surprised.

*Kung lao threw his hat mostly throughout the round.

Joel: He really shouldn't do that.  He may have to eat it later.

*The next round the Ball was in Shang's court

Tom: Shang Tsung has got possession, he's going across the court,
he's shooting, and yes! Goal! Outland wins the World Cup!

*he had performed

Crow: ...brain surgery on himself.

Tom: Carnegie Hall once or twice.

Joel:  ...the entire play of Hamlet in a funny puppet voice.

*A few shape shifting manovers.

Tom: Whaa...?

Joel: Maybe he means make-overs.

Tom: I don't even want to think about that.

Crow: Shang Tsung vs The Avon Lady...I'd like to see that.

Joel: We bet you do.

*He'd even morphed into Kung and Used his hat against him.Tsung
*had one

Tom: ...coming to him, if you ask me.

By Round 3 the fight was eqaul.

Joel: I bet it was.

*They had beaten each other to the last

Crow: Is it over? Is it over?

*scrap of energy.

Crow: It's not over yet!  Aw nuts.

Tom: I wonder if they cleaned their plates?

*Tsung was fed up

Joel: Before, he was only moderately annoyed.

*and Yelled "GOROOOOOO!".Goro appeared

Crow: Hey! Goro! He didn't ask for you! He yelled for

*and without warning he grabbed lao and Stomped

Tom: Playing at a theatre near you!

*on him constanly untill he was dead.

Crow:  [As Goro] Take that! And that! And that! And this one is
for my cousin Louie...

*But goro did not stop there he ripped out The skeleton

Joel: Not just ANY old skeleton...

*and the Elders were stunned.

Tom: [As the Elders] We didn't see THAT coming!

*They knew their Champion had been defeated...

Crow: Pretty perceptive bunch, huh?

*Can you please slap this up when you get the chance and have
*read it through.

Crow: Can we please slap him around? Please? I've been good! I've
*tried* to restrain myself!

Joel: Well...normally I'm against senseless violence, but this IS
a Mortal Kombat fic.

Tom: Did anyone notice that the title is "The True Story Behind
the Tournament"?

Crow: Yeah? So?

Tom: So how is this story the true story behind the tournament?

Joel: I don't know.  Maybe we could write to the author and have
them explain it.

Tom: But then they might want to write MORE to clean up the

Crow: God no!  But I don't think that's possible in any case.

Tom: Writing to the author?

Crow: No, clearing up the confusion! Ha! Ha! Ha!

The End