Author's Note: This story is the result of a bizarre thread in the MK Fanfiction Club. Blame Bento.

Hichan Walks Into A Lamp-Post That Could Have Easily Been Avoided
By Biku

One day, Hichan was playing in the kitchen, while Hiko was trying to make lunch. Hichan made so much noise that Hiko told her, furiously, to go play outside. So Hichan went outside the Temple. First she looked for her friend Miu. But another monk told her that he had gone to Xhu Xin for the day. Hichan knew she wasn't supposed to go far away from the Temple. But she was mad at her mother for sending her outside, and she wanted to find Miu, so she set off for Xhu Xin.

It took a long time to get there. Hichan kept stopping to play with some butterflies, or to pick flowers. But eventually, she reached the hill overlooking the city. It was very big and scary. It wasn't like the Temple at all. Hichan was very frightened. But having come this far, she was determined to find Miu. So she headed into the downtown of the city.

There were many people, who looked like the monks, but not quite. Some reminded her of her Uncle Johnny, or her Uncle Jax. She kept looking for Miu. She was looking so hard, in fact, that she ended up walking right into a lamp-post, a lamp-post that could have easily been avoided. She hit her nose very hard and started to cry. Then suddenly somebody picked her up. It was Rayden! He had come looking for her. He and Hiko were very upset when they couldn't find her. She told her father that she had been looking for Miu. He said that Miu had gotten back hours ago. He also said that she had been a very bad little girl by going so far from home on her own. If she had had a grown up with her she wouldn't have walked into a lamp-post that could have easily been avoided.

Then he teleported her back to the Temple so that Hiko could yell at her and hug her at the same time for getting herself lost. Then Rayden made something for them to eat and Hichan decided she would never go near any lamp-posts ever again.

The End