A Fairly Faery Tale

By Keturah
Once upon a time, far far away, there lived a royal king with all his attendants, and the beautiful queen, Jolanda. This wonderful couple had a son which they called Rupert, however he preferred to call himself by his second given name, Marcus.

Prince Marcus o'Fallan, was tall and misterious, he always wore a cape of indigo velvet, to set off his blue eyes. He loved to play with the ladies of the court. He would walk down the cobblestone walk, and secretly smile at all the women who swooned. For prince Rupert-Marcus O'Fallon, was very handsome. Now some might think that because of his last name this story would take place in Ireland, however since this is not an accurate story at all, but a fairy tale, it does not take place anywhere and so the names denote nothing.

Now prince Rupert was very sure of his beauty, and because of this he refused to marry right away, "Because" he said "I am so beautiful that women will marry me even if I was thirty years old." Now thirty was a right prime age for men back when this story takes place, because although they did not look any worse at thirty than they did at fifteen, they usually died at the age of forty.

The prince's father, the king refused to let this happen and so he arranged a marriage of the prince. Yet the prince convinced his father, that, if he could find a woman to marry that he truly loved and that truly loved him back before the set date, which happened to be a week tuesday, than he would not have to marry the princess from Scandonavia. To this the king agreed and, laughed silently to himself, that this indeed would never happen.

So out the prince set, and found the most beautiful woman in the land, Helga. He swore his love to her, (however his love was not the love of inner beauty but the love of outward beauty). And she swore her undying love to him, again it was the love of outer beauty and the love of material wealth. So after their vows, they went to the king, however the king did not believe that their love was true. The king therefore devised a set of tests to test the extent of their love. The only person who was able to do these tests was the women. First Helga must spend a week in a chamber to twine herself a chord, that would show the length of her love. For as long as the chord was, that was the extent of her love. This chord must be made, out of her own hair and anything she could find in the room or on her body.

Thus she was clothed with beautiful silks and wonderful jewlery, the jewels were so heavy on her neck, that she had to walk bent over. So the king locked her up in the room, which was furnished with one chair that was well upholstered and beautiful drapes to cover the windows, and one solitary mirror that went from above her head(for she was short) to below her feet(for she was really short). Now the king was not a foolish man, for a woman who wanted to marry his son for his wealth, would not ruin the jewels. And a woman who was fickle about her looks would not use her own hair for the chord.

Helga sat down in the wonderful chair, and wondered what to do. She knew she only had one week, "Like, oh dear" she said "I fear that I cannot weave this rope, for look at how wonderful I look in these silks, and look at how my blonde hair shines in the sunlight coming from the window."

A week passed and the time came for Helga to show her love, out came Helga adorned with all the wonderful jewels she went in with. The only cord she had was made of three tiny fibres she found on the floor.

"No" said the king "she is not to be your bride, for all she loves is herself."

And so the prince set out to find a new bride, but every bride proved to be false to herself and the prince. One day the prince gave up and told the king that there were no more eligible ladies left to try, and that he was tired of looking for this bride and he would not marry anyone. However the king said "a deal is a deal my son and you must...."

Just then a knocking came at the door and when it was opened, there stood a girl who could be no more than thirteen years old, covered in soot, and hungry. Her hair clung to her body because it was so filthy. "There" said the king "is one more elegible maiden".

But all the prince could see was her filthy exterior, not the fact that she was a wonderful person. However to see that you would have to be the narrator like me, because she just walked in the door and has never met the king, the prince or the queen. Therefore, since the king had taken a liking to her, who knew why, he allowed her to stay and even gave her a room full of wonderfull things. in the morning after she had cleaned up and changed into one of the many dresses in her closet, she had decided to leave and not bother the royal family. Yet she only got as far as the door when the king stopped her unexpectantly, and told her that he wanted her to go through the test.

"what test?"asked the girl, her unibrow furrowing in confusion.

"why the test to see who would marry my son, Rupert" replied the king, wondering at her having no knowledge of the deal set between the two men.

So the young girl still confused was shoved into the room, which was now pretty filthy. The girl started to create the most beautiful chord that was ever to be seen. The girl who had no interest in physical beauty, went to work right away, for there was nothing else to do besides sitting in the chair and staring at the wall. Since she had already done this for two days, she got pretty bored and by the end of the two days even her shadow puppets on the wall were bored. So she went to work, using the dust bunnies under the chair as a base for the chord. She would highlight the chord with threads from the drapes the clothes the chair apholstry and the hairs from the middle of her unibrow. By the end all that was left in the room was herself in her undergarments, and the mirror. When they opened the door she was no longer standing on the floor but on top of a soft fluffy pile o'cord. Now the king decided to lead her down the aisle right then and there.

"But I don't have any clothes!" the girl protested. "I'm in my underwear!"

"I don't think the prince will mind," replied the King. "But if you're really picky, we'll get you a dress."

And so it was that the dirty girl that misteriously showed up at the kings door had a royal wedding. however our story does not end there for the kings son had only ever seen her once, that was when she was dirty and had only one brow. However all she needed to do to get rid of it was plyck the hairs in the middle and they never came back again. Anyway we're leaving the unwilling prince tied to the altar. As we said he was so unwilling that they had to tie him to the altar.

Now the prince, watched her come down the aisle arrayed in the most glorious chiffons and lace. her face however was covered with a very thick veil, and he could not see the woman underneath. He found that in the wedding dress he could not see her face that was surely covered in dirt. The prince as custom would have had to raise her veil before the vows were said. and lo and behold the woman that he was about to marry was the most beautifull woman he had ever seen, a smile that could have knocked over buildings spread slowly across his face. He was marrying the woman of his dreams.

After the vows had been said, they left the church in the most splendid carriage that had been known to grace the earth. They were heading to her home in, of all places Scandonavia.

they entered a large castle with tall turits and beautifull tapistries. "now,"said the recently crowned princess"I will show you our room."

"Do you mean to say this wonderful castle is not our home? and that we cannot sleep in whatever room we want?"

"No" replied the girl,"This castle belongs to my mistress, the princess of scandonavia."

Just then a door opened and a girl steped out. She was arrayed in the most beautiful clothes and was adorned with the most beautiful riches, she was the scandonavian princess.

"I" said the girl returning the attention to herself,"was sent to your home to find you and bring you here for the wedding, I tried to protest when your father thrust me into the room but seeing that it was futile, I decided to marry you anyway. I mean your handsome enough."

and so it was that the truly proud prince became the truly kind and loving prince. And after his change of heart he returned to his father, who built him a home of his own, and when the time came for Marcus to rule, he was the most handsome and the most caring ruler the people had ever known.