Creator's Note

This series was started by me [Biku] in order to get the cast of Sinbad into different dimensions. I love the cast of Sinbad, the characters are great to write. [And read.] But [You knew there was a but] sometimes it gets boring just sailing on the seven seas. [At least for me.] I really like to write dimensional cross-overs and they make great plot ideas, but it's hard to get the characters into situations where they are travelling through dimensions,especially coming up with a different reason every time. So I created this series to provide some continuity. It's written for fun, and meant to be read for fun. Enjoy.
You need to read "Reflections" first because it explains the situation and gets the crew going on their mission. You can read all of the other stories in any order.
*Attention Writers* If you would like to write one of your own, and feel free to do so, just make sure that it starts with the crew visiting a world and ends with them leaving it. Oh,and you can't kill anybody off, unless it's a character from the parallel dimension. That's all for now.

Reflections: Part One