This alliterative, alternately-moraled author would like to be able to take credit for her stories, but she can't. "They're all my brain's fault," she whines. "I sit down at my 'puter, go into a trance and wake up with five-to-ten pages on the screen. I have no more idea of what's going to happen than the readers do!"
She continues: "Sometimes even I'm surprised by what happens. In Dea there was this part where Johnny steps through a portal and doesn't come out the other side. I phoned up [Bento] and I was like, 'Help! I've lost Johnny!' And she was like, 'What? Again?!'"

Biku is heading off to college in the fall, and she plans to make herself too busy to write any more fanfiction. "I gotta stop this crazy thing," she babbles. "My head's gonna blow up." Biku lives in Toronto, Ontario, with her pet cat, Murphy. (Also her family, but they would prefer not being mentioned on a Mortal Kombat page. She says she can't blame them.)

Responsible for writing maybe one-sixth of the current Mortal Kombat universe, Johinsa the Less Prolific is currently living about an hour from Tokyo and has decided that, upon returning to Canada, she will never eat rice again. Johinsa does most of her writing while riding the insanely crowded Hakone mountain trains to and from school. "Well, there's not much else to do," she explains. "Except laugh at the confused foreign tourists, of course."

Johinsa has a green belt in karate and can indeed break boards with her hands, to Biku's vast amusement. She likes writing fight scenes and confusing people by explaining points of Japanese grammar. Her favourite Japanese food is fried octopus balls, which taste a lot better than they sound.

Although Bento hasn't actually written any MK fics (she keeps threatening to), she has volunteered to be a Tour Guide. Meaning, if you have any questions about back stories, characters, etc., that isn't in the Information Booth or the Celestial Index then she would be happy to answer them for you, in a clear, concise manner in which she will ramble, change topic frequently and often contradict herself...
Okay, Biku apologises for that editorial statement. It was uncalled for. Truthful, but uncalled for. If you still have questions (MK questions, silly!) then you can email her at

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