From: Miss Gabrielle
To: Biku Toria
Subject: Black & Blue all over
Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2000 13:00:59 -0700

"The Backstreet Boys released their much-anticipated follow-up album to the smash hit Millennium early last week in a publicity storm some are dubbing Backstreetmania. Black & Blue is a worthy successor to the multi-platinum Millennium with six of the thirteen tracks penned or co-penned by the fabulous fivesome themselves. Good looks, milky harmonies, lyrical genius, enough money to swim in... these lads have it all. We caught up with the Boys during their world promotional tour for Black & Blue (ironically on the Black & Blue jet) and posed the pressing pertinent questions to our heros en route to another screaming throng in another Backstreet-dominated country."

Me: Black & Blue. Explain the title for the slow among us, would you?

Kevin: It's an... interesting... *pauses* story. One day... *pauses* we were at a... photo shoot... and we... *pauses* were wearing black... against a blue... *pauses* background and Brian, he's... my cousin... *pauses* said "why don't we... call it... Black and Blue?"

Me: Interesting. So it actually has no relevance whatsoever to anything at all in your lives.

Howie: Exactly. *wink*

Me: One could have hypothesized that Black & Blue was a sly reference to Millennium's sales record being THRASHED at the hands of Nsync's No Strings Attached selling phenomenon and then further the reference to infer that such a drubbing would return tenfold upon Nsync with this new album until they themselves were "black and blue" per se.

Nick: What?

Brian: Hey, I like that story better than ours. Can we use that instead?

Me: No. I notice you're all wearing black and blue. Symbolism or blind luck?

AJ: Our stylist is pretty persuasive.

Nick: And mean.

Me: Flying to six countries in six days is a fairly ambitious publicity stunt. Any concerns with the tight schedule?

Kevin: Just... that we get... *pause* to sleep at least... once.

Me: It does sound exhausting.

Howie: I'm sure you're wondering how-we do it. *wink*

Me: Or something.

AJ: Drugs.

Brian: The strength of the Psalms.

Me: Shape Of My Heart is a lovely romantic ballad. Why would you choose to follow it up with The Call - a song essentially about you all being lying, cheating bastards?

AJ: Truth hurts.

Kevin: Speak... for yourself.

Nick: The Call is whack. Justin Timberlake can eat his heart out.

Howie: There's no subliminal message involved. It's just a song.

Me: Just an observation. Don't get all heated. Any plans on a follow-up to your much-beloved Indiana Jones crossover adventure?

All: *blank stare*

Me: Did I say that out loud just now? Well thanks for your time. Keep up the good work and all that jazz.

.............. too much caffeine today or too little sleep last night? You be the judge. And while the jury's out deliberating my questionable sanity, here's a little something for you to read. :)