Deja Vu
By Biku

Serena ran around the corner of the sidewalk, panting. "Omigod, I'm late! I'm late!" she cried, speeding up. Serena's mother stood outside the door of the house yelling: "Serena! You've forgotten your lunch again!" But Serena didn't hear her, and kept on running to her school.

She arrived in the nick of time, just as the bell rang. She collapsed in her seat just as Ms. Haruna walked in. "Alright class!" she yelled, whacking the desk with her yardstick. (Ms. Haruna, not Serena.)

"Serena!" Ms. Haruna yelled. "Are you late?!?!"

"No!" yelled Serena, cringing.

"Don't lie to me!"

"I'm not!"

"Yes you are! DETENTION!"

"Yeah, it's really tough, Serena," Molly said. "That's the third detention this week! And it's only Monday!"

"Yeah, and I forgot my lunch, too." said Serena, her head on the desk. She noticed something on Molly's arm. "Hey, Molly, what's that?"

"Oh, this," Molly said. "It's a bracelet I got when I joined the new Dog Walking Club. It just opened! It's great. I go there every day after school."

"A dog walking club? But you don't even have a dog," Serena pointed out.

"Oh, I know, but they have dogs that you can walk for free. You should try it sometime, Serena."

"Maybe I will," Serena said. Just then, Ms. Haruna walked in and started screaming. "Oops, gotta go, Molly!" Serena said, as she ran off to detention.

"Prisma! I've found the new Crystal Point." Rubius called out. "It's an abandoned warehouse down on CenterThirdStreet West. Go make it into something that will attract the dumb humans."

"Ooo," said Prisma, "I think I'll make it into a Dog Walking Club."

"What?!" roared Rubius. "That's the dumbest idea I've ever heard! They won't fall for that!"

"They've fallen for dumber stuff. Remember that supermarket where we turned all the food rotten? They couldn't wait to get in. And what about the charm store? They were lining up at the door!"

"Hmm," said Rubius, deep in thought. "You're right. And this idea is so pathetic, it might be the best one out of all of them!"

Later that day, Serena was walking home with Amy. She was pretty quiet, thinking about that new club that had opened up. It sounded pretty cool.

"Hey Ams," she said, breaking the silence, "What do you say we go check out that dog walking club? I heard that it's becoming so popular, you're going to need an invitation to get in by next week! Let's go now while it's still open."

Amy stopped and looked at Serena. "Why? You don't even own a dog."

"I know, Amy," whined Serena, "but I want to go anyway!"

"I really need to go home to study the problem of nuclear fusion for my bonus science lab," said Amy.

"I'll take her to the Club," said a voice behind them. They turned to see Darien. With him was Reenie, who he had just picked up from Nursery School.

"She needs to go to the Dog Walking Club all right," squealed Reenie. "To be walked!"

Serena was furious. "You little spore!" she screamed. "You are such a fungus!"

"At least I don't resemble a saint...BERNARD!" shrieked Reenie, sticking out her tongue.

"Both of you, stop it!" Amy said, standing in between them.

"Yeah, you two. Serena, you shouldn't get so worked up over Reenie. She's just a little kid." chided Darien.

"Yeah, don't get worked up over me!" yelled Reenie, pulling on Serena's pig-tails.

"Stop that,!!!!" Serena shrieked. Amy held her head in her hands.

"It's okay, Amy," Darien said. "You can just go and do your homework."

"No, actually, I think I'll come," Amy sighed. "They need more watching than just you."

Darien laughed. "Maybe you're right."

"Ha! Ha! Ha! Foolish mortals!" Prisma laughed. She was looking out the window of her office at the line up around the block of people trying to get in to the Dog Walking Club. "You are all so dumb! Ha! Ha!"

"Way to go, Prisma," said Birdy, who was being a secretary for the day. "I didn't think it would work, but it did. Good work."

Prisma laughed. "It was good, wasn't it? And all those mortals walking all those Nega-Dogs are getting a good ol' dose of Nega-Energy!"

"The Nega-Energy is being spread by dogs?" asked Birdy, filing her nails.

"Not just ordinary dogs, Birdy. These dogs are EEEEVIL. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I laugh!"

"I know, Prisma," said Birdy softly. "I can hear you."

"We're going to be here forever, Darien!" whined Reenie. "I want some ice cream!"

"It won't be long now, Reenie," he said. Next to him, Amy fidgeted impatiently. Serena sighed. Then, up near the front of the line, Serena thought she saw someone familiar.

"Save my spot!" she said. She ran up the line to greet Molly.

"Hey, you here too?" asked Molly as Serena ran up to her.

"Yep. We're all waiting way, waaaaaaay back there." Serena said.

"You should come up to the front with me! As a member, I get to bring in up to five guests." Molly said proudly.

"Cool! I'll go get them!" Serena said. She ran back to her group.

"What's that, Serena? Stop panting, I can barely hear you," Darien said.

"Molly said we could get in with her...she's right next in line!" Serena exclaimed.

"Yay!" shrieked Reenie. "Let's go!"

Soon they were in the prestigious Dog Walking Club, getting ready for their walks with the dogs. Serena and Reenie got into a fight over a poodle, but in the end, Darien gave the poodle to Reenie, and Serena got a pug. "You always pick her!" Serena wailed. She started to cry, her sobs making the dogs howl.

"What's going on here?!" said a tall, curly haired woman in a business suit. "Stop that crying immediately. You're starting up the dogs!"

Serena sniffled. "Now, come here into the feeding room, maybe one of the other poodles is in there," said the woman. She led the sniffling Serena out of the room.

"Oh well," said Molly. "She doesn't know what she's missing!"

They started walking their dogs. In a circle. Around the room.

"This is dumb!" yelled Reenie. "I want ice cream!"

"Ssh, Reenie," said Amy. "It's very relaxing."

"No it's not! It's dumb! I want to go home!" Reenie yelled.

"The patrons are becoming agitated," Birdy said, noting the screen in the office. "Maybe you should gather their energy now, Prisma."

"I'll do that. Droid Fido! Show yourself!" Prisma yelled.

In the feeding room, Serena was feeding the poodle she'd nicknamed "Howie" when the attendant suddenly left. "That was weird." she said. "Oh well. Come here, Howie! C'mere! That's a good boy!" she said, hugging the poodle.

"I am here, mistress," Droid Fido said.

"Collect the Nega-Energy!" commanded Prisma. Droid Fido bowed, and disappeared.

She re-appeared in the main hall. "Nega-dogs...transform! Nega Rabies Infection!"

Immediately, the dogs began to grow, and become huge, snarling beasts. They began to draw the energy from the helpless humans.

Molly shrieked and fainted.

"We've got to warn the scouts!" Amy said to Darien. "And get Reenie out of here!"

Darien nodded, and with his waning energy level, dragged Reenie out of the room.

Serena decided she had enough of feeding Howie and was ready to walk him. She put on his collar, and was heading out of the room when Darien burst in, carrying Reenie.

"Don't go out there! Call the scouts! The dogs are from the Nega-verse!" he yelled. Reenie started crying. Darien quickly put her in one closets in the room, so that she was hidden. Serena merely nodded. She put Howie down, and got out her communicator.

"Lita," she said. "We're down at the Dog Walking Club. It's a plot by the Negaverse! Come and help us!"

"We're on our way!" said Lita. She clicked out. Serena put away her communicator, and got out her locket.

"Moon Prism Power!" she yelled, transforming into Sailor Moon. "I'll go get them," she said. "Darien, you keep Reenie safe."

Darien nodded, and Sailor Moon headed out the door.

"Ha! Ha! Ha!" Prisma laughed. "Foolish humans!"

"Stop right there, Nega-Trash! I stand for Love and Justice, yadda yadda yadda and I will punish you!" yelled Sailor Moon.

"Oh no! Not you, sailor-twerp!" yelled back Prisma. "Get her, Droid Fido! Kill, Fido, Kill!"

"I will kill," said Droid Fido, growling. "Dog Collar Wrap-Around!" She threw her dog collar, and it hit Sailor Moon, wrapping itself around her so that she couldn't move.

"Oh no!" she yelled. " Help! WAAAAAAHHHH...."

Out of nowhere, a rose fell through the air to slice open the dog collar. "Sailor Moon!" Tuxedo Mask yelled. "Remember that you have your own pack to help you! Believe in yourself!"

Suddenly, Jupiter, Mars, Venus and the cats, Luna and Artemis, jumped down out of space.

"We stand for Love And Justice...In the name of the planets, we are the Sailor Scouts!"

"Oh Joy," said Prisma, "It's a sailor geek convention. They're almost as bad as trekkies. Get them, Droid Fido!"

"Yes, Mistress...Come, my pack--rise up and kill them!" Droid Fido yelled. The Nega-Dogs began advancing towards the scouts.

"Bad doggies! Go away! Bad!" Sailor Moon started shrieking. "I'll take care of them," said Jupiter. "Jupiter..Thunder Clap Zap!" the lightning bolt didn't even cause the dogs to blink.

"Oh No! It didn't work!" yelled Jupiter.

"It's the Negaverse, that's why!" yelled Luna.

"We know that, Luna," said Mars. "Want to double team 'em, Venus?"

"Sure do," said Venus. "Venus Love Chain..."

"Mars Celestial Fire..."



This combined effort only slowed the dogs a little. With dismay, Sailor Moon noticed that her favourite pup, Howie the poodle, was leading the way.

"Ha! Ha! Ha! We have won!" laughed Prisma and Birdy, hovering at the other end of the room.

"Has anybody else noticed something really odd here?" Jupiter asked.

"Like what? Being attacked by huge mutant dogs?" said Mars sarcastically.

"No...I mean, this is all very familiar...I feel like I've done this before..." continued Jupiter.

"We do this everyday!" said Venus. " We're always fighting the Negaverse!"

"What I mean is...this just all seems very....plotted out," finished Jupiter.

"It's the Nega-verse! I know it!" yelled Luna for the umpteenth time.

"Shut up Luna," Sailor Moon said. "If you're right, Jupiter, what can we do about it?"

"I think we should come up with a daring new plan to neutralise them without relaying on our powers," said Venus, perkily.

"Or we could just combine our powers, blast them to kingdom come, then moondust the Gruesome Twosome!" exclaimed Mars. There was a moment of silence as they thought it over.

"I'll go with Mars' idea," said Sailor Moon.

"Me too," said Jupiter. Venus shrugged.

"Ready, guys?" Mars yelled. "Altogether now!"

"Jupiter Thunder Clap..."

"Mars Celestial Fire..."

"Venus Love Chain..."




The combined blast shook the building. The dogs were stopped in their tracks.

"Now, Sailor Moon!" yelled Luna.

"Moon...Sceptre...ELIMINATION!!!" cried Sailor Moon, moondusting Droid Fido.

"We're out of here, Sailor Brats," snarled Prisma. "But we'll be back!" The two sisters disappeared.

The energy began flooding back into the bodies of the dog walkers. The dogs, free from their spell, starting running around the room happily.

"Who's a good boy, huh Howie?" said Sailor Moon, holding Howie, trying to keep him from licking her nose, but not succeeding very well.

"That's a job well done, even if it was cliched," remarked Jupiter. The others nodded.

"Hey, Mercury's waking up!" said Venus. They rushed over to help her up. She said she was okay, just a bit tired.

"Do you want to go get some burgers to help wake you up?" suggested Mars.

"I do!!!" cried Sailor Moon. Howie barked.

Later that day, while having their burgers, the Scouts and Darien couldn't help thinking that something was wrong. Something was missing. They turned to Luna, and waited expectantly.

"No, I don't think it's the Negaverse," said Luna, a bit confused. They shrugged, and went back to their peaceful meal.

Reenie, still stuck in the closet, rattled the door handle. "Help!" she cried. "Is anybody out there? Darien? Serena?! Anyone....?"

The End

Of course, it wouldn't be a true Sailor Moon episode without...

Sailor Says

Sailor Moon: Remember kids, dogs may look all cute an fuzzy--Howie, get off the furniture!--but they're a lot of work.

Sailor Mars: Yeah. Remember to take care of your pet--they can't take care of themselves.

Sailor Venus: Just like your younger siblings! But don't beat up your pets.

Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon says....teeheeheehee!!!!

Howie: Bark!!!!