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	A quick little note for all of you reading this. 
This story is based on a real song.  You'll notice that 
this revolves around a song.  The song is called China 
and it's by Tori Amos.  One more thing.  I've decided 
that the anime didn't do a good job bringing Darien and 
Serena back in the second half of Sailor Moon R, so this 
is my version of them getting back together.  Sit back 
and enjoy.
	Oh and please don't sue me.  Sailor Moon and 
it's characters are not mine.  I take no credit for 
coming up with them.  It was that genius in Japan that 
did that.  I simply am taking his characters and 
expanding the story.  And I take no credit for the work 
that the greatest song writer did, either.  The song 
written in this story was done by Tori Amos.  I only 
wish that I was that good.

	Serena walked down the street in complete 
depression.  'Why Darien?  What did I do?  Why won't you 
just tell me what's bothering you?  I can feel it.  It's 
eating you alive,' Serena thought to herself.
	She looked up and saw the new cafe that had 
opened up in town.  It was called Black Winged Roses.  
It seemed to fit Serena's mood perfectly.  She went in 
and saw that they had a musician playing the piano.  The 
pianist looked in her direction and smiled.
	The girl wasn't really someone you'd expect to 
see playing the piano.  She was wearing a black shirt 
with a blue and white flannel shirt over it.  The jeans 
and white sneakers made the outfit complete.  
	She pushed her long auborn hair out of her face 
and began to play. The melody was sad and sweet.  The 
words entranced Serena as she began to see her own life 
in the words.  It was as if the pianist was trying to 
tell her something with the song.  
	The song ended suddenly and Serena was dragged 
back to reality.  She slowly went over to the girl, who 
had stopped playing for a moment.  
	"Hello there.  You looked like you needed a 
song," the girl said.
	"I guess you were right," Serena said.  "What 
was that song?"
	"That one?  It's called China," the girl said.  
"You know what.  I wish I could give yuo a copy of the 
song, but I guess this'll do.  It's the lyrics."
	The girl handed her a piece of paper.  Serena 
took it and smiled slightly.  "I don't know how to thank 
you," she said.
	"Well a coin or two could get me dinner 
tonight," the girl said.
	Serena nodded and pulled out some money from her 
pocket.  She placed it in the cup on the piano and left.

	The world was crashing all around her.  One 
minute her and Darien were getting married, the next it 
was all over and all that was left was a voice.  It was 
somewhat familiar, but Serena couldn't put her finger on 
it.  It was talking to Darien.  Telling him to stay away 
from her, because it would save her.  
	Serena woke with a start and knocked Luna off 
the bed.  "I'm sorry Luna," she said.  "But I've got to 
see Darien."
	She quickly put some clothes on and rushed to 
Darien's.  She noticed that in the rush she had shoved 
the lyrics, that the girl at the cafe had given her, in 
her pocket.
	She pounded on Darien's door.  "Darien!  Darien! 
I know your awake, so answer the door, please," Serena 
	The door unlocked and Darien opened the door.  
"What do you want, Serena?" he asked he voice full of 
	"I know, Darien.  I know about the dream.  I had 
the same dream," Serena said.
	He stared at her doumbfounded.  "So what do you 
want?" he asked.
	"I came to tell you that it's just a dream," 
Serena said.  "It doesn't mean anything."
	"I've had it so many times that I'm starting to 
think it's a prediction of the future," Darien said.  
"So why don't you just go away."
	"No!  Darien, I don't care about some dream I 
want to be with you," Serena cried.
	He slammed the door in her face.  She broke down 
and cried.  Then she unconsciously pulled the lyrics 
out.  They finally made sense.  She stopped sobbing and 
placed the piece of paper under the door.
	"Darien, I still love you," she said quietly and 
then left.
	Darien slowly went to the door to pick up the 
paper.  On it was something hand written, but not by 
Serena.  The paper read:

	China all the way to New York
	I can feel the distance getting close
	You're right next to me 
	But I need an airplane
	I can the distance as you breathe

	Sometimes I think you want me to touch you
	How can I when you build the great wall around
	In your eyes I saw a future together
	You just look away in the distance

	China decorates our table
	Funny how the cracks don't seem to show
	Pour the wine dear
	You say we'll take a holiday
	But we never can agree on
	Where to go

	Sometimes I think you want me to touch you
	How can I when you build the great wall around
	In your eyes I saw a future together
	You just look away in the distance

	China all the way to New York
	Maybe you got lost in Mexico
	You're right next to me 
	I think that you can hear
	Funny how the distance learns to grow

	Sometimes I think you want to touch you
	How can I when you build the great wall around 
	In your eyes I saw a future together
	You just look away in the distance

	I can feel the distance
	I can feel the distance
	I can feel the distance getting close....

	Darien placed the paper on the table beside him 
and started to cry.  'Oh Serena.  I'm sorry.  I didn't 
want to do this to.  I love you so much.  I'm just so 
afraid for you.  Your my everything.  Without you I'd 
die,' he thought.

	Serena found herself wandering to the Black 
Winged Roses once more.  She was again greeted by the 
pianist that was there before.  She took a seat at an 
empty table and ordered a cup of tea.  She twirled her 
hair around her finger, wondering if she should have put 
it into her normal meatballs, instead of the single 
braid she wore.
	The Black Winged Roses was an interesting place. 
There weren't many places like this in Tokyo.  Most had 
an age limit.  This place seemed to hold anyone that 
cared to come in and listen to the music.  As long as 
they bought something to drink the owner was happy.
	The pianist played some music for a while.  Each 
song heavily depended on the piano to make them sound 
perfect.  The girl had an amazing voice.  It sometimes 
seemed to cry out in pain, other times scream out in 
anger.  Serena must have clapped the loudest for the 
	The people came and went.  Her cup was filled 
and she was happy to play for such greatful people, 
especially the bubbly blonde.  She held a secret smile 
when she looked over at the girl.
	Meanwhile someone else had been entranced by the 
music and had entered the cafe.  He sat in the back and 
ordered a cup of black coffee.  He sat back listening to 
the musician with wonder and amazement.  She was really 
good.  She was starting to seem not so real.
	That was when she decided to play China.  It hit 
Serena like a brick, she felt the tears coming.  It 
wasn't much better for him either.  He closed his eyes 
and the lyrics played through his head.  They were like 
something full of anger, screaming at him for his 
	Serena stood up wanting to leave.  She turned 
and stood face to face with Darien.  She blinked back 
her surprise and tears and started to walk past him.
	He turned and grabbed her wrist.  "Please, don't 
go Serena.  I've been terrible and I know it," Darien 
	"How could you do that to me?  Over a stupid 
meaningless dream?" Serena said holding the tears back 
with all of her might.
	"To me it wasn't meaningless.  I found you 
because of a dream.  How could I just ignore something 
like that?" Darien asked.
	"How could you ignore me?" Serena asked.
	"I don't know how I did it.  I came home and 
cried for myself every day.  That was the hardest thing 
I've ever done in my entire life.  I kept telling myself 
it was all because I loved you," he said.
	Now she couldn't hold it back anymore.  It 
didn't matter since the crowd had thinned greatly.  
There was just her, Darien, the waitress, and the 
musician in the room.  She cried all the tears that she 
had been holding back since she left Darien's apartment 
the night before.
	He stood up and wrapped his arms around her 
feeling that the tears would be coming to him soon as 
well.  Serena wrapped her arms around his waist.
	"Please don't leave me, Darien.  I couldn't bare 
it.  Not again," Serena whispered.
	"Never.  Never again," he whispered back.
	Then the two of them hand in hand left the cafe. 
The girl's smile widened as she watched them leave.  It 
was about time. 
	She recited a line that had been the base of the 
name of the cafe.
	"Black Winged Roses that safely change their 
color," she recited.  She smiled secretivly. "And now 
love will not let anything come between it.  Not even 
the end of the world."

What do you think?  The last line was another line from 
a Tori Amos song.  I didn't know I was even going to use 
it till I needed an apropreiate name for the cafe.  Its 
a line from the song Little Earthquakes.  
So what do you think?  Huh?  Huh?  Not get the pianist 
bit, well that's my little secret.  ::evil grin:: Anyway 
please tell me what you think!!  I need imput.  Should I 
just shut up and never write again?  Please don't tell 
me to do that.  That would kill me!  Please tell me 
something positive.  You know what would make my 
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