Truck Stop
By Biku

Author's Note: This story is dedicated to all non-Backstreet Boys fans, but especially to DaveyB.

The cheering was overwhelming. "That went well!" chirped Howie Dorough as he walked off stage.

"I'll say," AJ McLean answered, rubbing his sore head.

"WHAT?!" yelled Nick Carter.

"He said: IT WAS A GOOD CONCERT!" Brian Littrell yelled into his ear.

"NO, I DON'T KNOW WHERE YOUR PANTS ARE," Nick replied, confused.

Brian sighed.

"If I'm right, the exit is right over here," Kevin Richardson announced, looking at a map of the Concert Hall. He stopped, and stared at the map in his hands. "Oh no, wait a second." He flipped the map around. "Now I know where we are."

"You're not instilling me with confidence." Howie whimpered.

"It's okay, we'll be fine," Kevin replied, boldly starting out. He lead them through a wooden door.

"Um, I don't think this is right," Brian stuttered.

"Um, excuse us," Kevin said, backing the group up behind him.

"I didn't know there was a cheer-leading squad in the Hall," AJ said with a touch of admiration.

"Uh, yeah," the head cheerleader said. "Uh, could you get out of our change-room?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah, uh huh, okay," Kevin said, turning around and furiously pushing the rest of the guys out.


"We know," Kevin snapped irritatedly. "Come on, let's go to the bus."

"Where's Brian?" asked Howie, looking around. Kevin opened the door with his back turned, reached in, and dragged Brian out by the collar.

"Sorry guys, I couldn't find the door," Brian said, with a goofy grin.

"Yeah, whatever." AJ rolled his eyes.

"Let's get going, I'm starving." Howie said, looking at the map that Kevin unfolded.

"NO, I HAVEN'T SEEN ANY LIVE FERRETS, HOWIE. WHY'D YOU ASK?" Nick yelled, banging the side of his head with his hand.

"Never mind," muttered Howie, rolling his eyes.

"Okay, guys, this way!" Kevin said, gesturing dramatically. They marched down the hall, to another wooden door, indistinguishable from any other. "This one is definitely the way out."

Howie gulped nervously as he opened the door.

Outside was the parking lot. Their bus stood in the centre, a single shaft of sunlight filtering through the clouds directly overtop of it. The birds were singing, and there was a gentle breeze.

"Ha ha! I told you so!" Kevin announced, stepping out into the bright summer daylight. The Boys all followed him, spirits raised by the sight of the bus.

They were nearly at the door of the bus when there was sudden sound of screeching brakes. A truck was speeding out of control as it came around the corner.

"Look out!" Howie cried. There was no way out.



The End
*Warning!* Non-Backstreet Boys fans, please do not read any further.


"Whew," AJ said. He wiped his forehead. "Thank God there was a way out."

"That truck could have hit something! Luckily, it just missed us!" Kevin exclaimed.

"We didn't all escape unharmed," Brian said, his lower lip quivering.

They all stared at the bright red splotch on the ground.

"MY PET TOMATO!" Nick howled. "STINKY!"

"He was too young to die!" wailed Brian.

"We all feel the loss." Howie agreed sadly. "Now, let's go have some chili."

The REAL End.