Omniversal Stories

MK Story Notes, for the New Reader

First Biku

Halcyon Days Biku
Let The Festivities Begin Biku
Genesis Biku

Morturite Salutant Johinsa
Sailor Kombat [Crossover with Sailor Moon] Biku
Backfire Biku
Moral Konflict Biku
Four Weddings And Celebria Biku
Wandering Souls Biku&Johinsa
Johnny's Day Out Biku
Gone But Not Forgotten Biku&Johinsa
Moral Konflict: Kontinuation Biku

In Absentia Johinsa

Dea Ex Machina Biku

Hichan Comes Thundering In Biku
The Sandbox Of Doom Biku

The Guardian Chronicles
A Rocky Start Biku
World Between Worlds Biku
A Fitting End Biku

Non-Omniversal Stories/Incontinuitous Stories

The First Date Tara Jo
Mortal Beginnings Tara Jo

Mortal Kombat: Conquest Trilogy
In The Beginning Grace
Justice Grace
In Vino Veritas Grace

Sacrafice Tara Jo
Storm Warnings Johinsa

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