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Note: Yes, most of this stuff doesn't fit in with the "official" backstories--such as they are--of the Mortal Kombat game and characters. Do you know what? We don't care.

Additional: This is only recommeded for people who have already read the stories. It's to help you keep track, not cheat. You're only ruining it for yourself if you keep reading, you know.

Additional additional: This universe may have come in contact with peanuts.

Chronological Order:

Halcyon Days (19k)
Young Arnold, God of Lamps, has to spend a few days with the Thunder family, and in particular, the two Thunder boys, Rayden and Raimei. Emotional scarring ensues.

Let The Festivities Begin (31k)
Yet more Rayden-and-Rai adventures, this time at the minor festival. Hectic running around and misadventures ensue. Also Arnie is a rat.

Genesis (241k)
The story of Rayden's early life; his creation of Earth, his meeting and engagement with Hiko, the first attack made by Shao Khan and Hiko's marriage to Cosmos.

A Rocky Beginning (119k)
Part One of the Guardian Chronicles. Yellow is found, and trained by the Guardian. Angst ensues.

World Between Worlds (71k)
Part Two of the Chronicles. The Guardian dies, leaving Yellow alone. He discovers a mysterious wood that lies *between* Realms and uses it to learn about his powers. More angst ensues.

Storm Warnings (Unkown size)
A story about the first Mortal Kombat, Kung Lao and his first love. Note: Incontinuitous.

*Mortal Kombat: Conquest (TV show)*

*The Movie*

Morturite Salutant
Taking place within the Mortal Kombat movie, the Kombatants are taken to Agri, the Realm of Rayden's sister Lindara. They fight against Shao Khan but ulitmately lose; he attacks the Realm. Lin fights him off, and he is believed to be dead. (Note: He isn't.)

*The Movie*

*MK: Annhilation*

The first half takes place after MK: A, the second half takes place during MK: A. Sonya is having nightmares and is not dealing well with the death of Johnny Cage. Jax decides to change history, and with the help of Kitana, as well as Jikan Tai, he changes the events of MK: A so that Johnny is not killed.

Guardian 3 (not finished)
The story of Cosmos' attempted take-over of Realms, as well as Backfire told from Jikan Tai's point of view.

Moral Konflict (110k)
Rayden finally tries to rescue Hiko from Cosmos. He, Nova and the mortals try to break into Cosmos' Realm to break her free. Cosmos, meanwhile, is trying (again) to take over Realms, and this time he is succeeding. Rayden&Co are the only hope. Again. Cosmos picks them off one by one until finally, it is Hiko that defeats him.

Four Weddings And Celebria (48k)
On the occasion of Meimei's wedding, Celebria creates a spell that leaves more than wedding jitters in the air. Smooching ensues.

Wandering Souls (34k)
Jax has disappeared. With Rayden's help, Sonya realises that it is the resurrected soul of Shang Tsung who is behind it. She travels to Outworld to lure him to the Temple, where he is finally defeated.

Johnny's Day Out (23k)
Rayden comes to stay with Johnny for a couple of days. Mayhem ensues.

Moral Konflict: Kontinuation (263k)
Rayden, Hiko and the mortals find themselves in a bizarre twist of fate when Lightning-- Rayden's and Hiko's daughter from another dimension--shows up, begging for help. They give it, only to find out that Lightning was using them to gain access to Omniversal powers, so she can destroy the Omniverse itself. She takes over Johnny, and then Liu. Hiko dies trying to save Nova. Nova dies anyway, after she, Sonya, Rayden, Johnny and Kerlan managed to defeat Lightning (killing Liu in the process). It's a lot twisty-plottier than it sounds.

Guardian Four (Unfinished)
MKK from the perspective of Jikan Tai, including his first meeting with Lightning, which set everything in motion. He tries to rescue her from a fantasy that she creates to draw him in. Yet more angst ensues.

In Absentia (195k)
Lindara, deciding she is going to help the lot of her mortals, travels to different Realms to seek advice. She becomes caught in the adventures of Rayden & Co during Moral Konflict and Moral Konflict: Kontinuation. Meanwhile, her mortals, in chaos since she left, have split into two factions and have declared holy war on each other. The war nearly destroys the Realm and severely limits Lin's powers. She returns and hammers out an agreement that pleases both her and her mortals.

Dea Ex Machina (534k)
Johnny and Sonya returned to the Temple to help Rayden deal with the loss of his family. They then journey with Meimei to find Kitana and tell Kitana about Liu. She doesn't take it well. (Did anybody?) Someone tries to kill Johnny, and when Sonya investigates, she's imprisoned by the Elders.
Meanwhile, Jikan Tai has gone nuts and is trying to bring back Hiko and Nova even though the Omniverse will be distroyed. He tries to explain this to everyone and they all think he's insane. Technobabble ensues. Rayden has also has a nervous breakdown and really is insane: he thinks he's seeing ghosts. Twisty-plottiness ensues.
Lindara wanders around, being annoying. She and Jikan Tai realise they're perfect for each other. Smooching ensues. Finally, the Council and the Elders and Johnny and Sonya and Rayden and Lindara and Meimei and a whole whack of other people finally figure out what the hell has been going on. They find Lightning, destroy her, and thanks to Meimei's new role as Goddess of Change, bring back Liu and Hiko. Gloriously uplifting ending ensues. 'Bout time, too.

Hichan Comes Thundering In (94k)
Johnny is convinced to visit Rayden and Hiko at the Temple. He meets Hichan, their energetic daughter. Cuteness ensues. Hichan is kidnapped by a powerful mystical coven and will be used as a sacrifice to give god-like powers to the leader, an inter-Realm weapons smuggler. Rayden, Johnny and Liu fight to get her back. They do. Happy ending ensues.

Sandbox Of Doom (23k)
Hichan finds a new friend in one of the monks living at the Temple of Light. Even more cuteness ensues.

End Of Current Arc*

*Let's hope it stays ended. I don't think I can keep this up. --Chronographer Biku